Imagine for a second sitting in a dimly lit speakeasy. An old-school jazz tune playing softly in the background, a crystal-clear glass cradling a smooth, amber liquid in your hand. 

There’s a story in that glass, a tale that goes back to a time of war and struggle when cocktails were more than just a fun beverage—they were a symbol of resilience, an escape from reality, and sometimes, a bitter-sweet toast to the ones who didn’t come back.

Our fascination with cocktails has never waned, but did you know that some of our most beloved cocktails came into existence in the grueling times of war? From World War I through Prohibition and onto World War II, humans found solace, hope, and, occasionally, a dash of much-needed liquid courage in these concoctions.

So, let’s journey back in time and explore these iconic wartime cocktails. We’ll delve into their stories and ingredients and even guide you on how to whip up a few of these historical libations right in your home bar.

The Hidden Charm of Wartime Cocktails

These incredible wartime cocktails are not just delicious blends of spirits and mixers. They carry a piece of history within each glass, a testament to the human spirit and its resilience during times of great strife. 

They represent moments of relief, comfort, unity, and sometimes, a defiant joy amidst the turmoil. Each cocktail carries a story as rich and complex as its flavor profile.

The French 75: More Than Just a Cocktail, a Piece of History

The first stop on our journey through the annals of boozy history takes us to the French 75. It is no ordinary cocktail. It shares its name with a French 75mm field gun, a primary piece of artillery used in World War I.