We have all spent time in a hotel while traveling away from home. The Hotel environment can be the perfect place for the criminal element to either stalk you, steal your personal belongings or threaten physical harm. For me personally I always keep the door locked and do not disturb sign out. The following video highlights 4 simple skills you can use to increase your safety while staying in a hotel. These skills and many others like them can also be found in Clint Emersons book 100 Deadly Skills.

We all travel and when we do we are exposed to threats we are not always aware of. I teamed up with my good friend Clint Emerson from 100 Deadly Skills to show 4 tips for hotel security. We hope these 4 things will give you just a few ideas of how to keep you safe while your enjoying your travels. Be prepared and never let yourself become a victim.

*Photo courtesy of Nick Koumalatsos YouTube Channel

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.