Free Syrian Army (FSA,), Mountain Hawks Brigade, are making interesting use of Saudi Arabian, and U.S. supplied; Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided TOW Weapon Systems. The cost of a TOW missile system is $58,908.00 a shot, but that’s money well spent in comparison to the Congressional approval of a $300,787.00, NOAA Party Yacht. We could have funded at least five dead bad guys, instead of the floating location for coke-parties of the well-to-do.

The TOW missiles wich are being sent to Syrian rebels are old and outdated models. For nations who supply weapons systems such as TOW to the FSA and other interests, find this method to be economic and strategic when it comes to upgrading their national stockpiles. Giving away the old stock of missiles to meet their agenda, as opposed to the complications of destroying them and justifying their waste.

Saudi Arabia has a large stockpile of TOW missiles, which it distributes to foreign forces who fight in the interest of the kingdom. The program requires that these groups film the use of these weapons in the field, and when possible return the expended missile casing in order to obtain another missile and continued support.

On the bright side, it’s a solid kill.

A TOW missile is very easy to use and aim. Striking a moving or small target is marginally difficult, but anyone can do it with a little practice. Hitting a stationary target too easy, if you know how to aim and fire the TOW – one only need to fire the missile and keep the crosshairs in the center of the target until impact.

The video shows the result of a recent Daesh assault on the village of Abel, Syria which was repelled by the FSA Mountain Hawk Brigade on 18 May 2016.

Fighting around Able and the splintered region of Northern Aleppo, Syria remains active. As the Syrian Assad Army (SAA,) Free Syrian Army (FSA,) Kurdish YPG and YPJ, Tehran’s Shiite Occupational Army,  Sunni Arab Patriots of Syria, Daesh [ISIS/ISIL], and other forces battle for control of the devastated region.

Please note, that the TOW is an ATGM and not an MANPADS.