Watch as Dave from Axelson Tactical goes over the many features of the new Advanced Rifle Case (ARC).


Specifications (courtesy of the Axelson Tactical website)

The Axelson Axe Advanced Rifle Case shields your firearms from the elements and external forces with not one but two layers. The outer layer is the hard plastic shell featuring a molded handle along its length. Inside is a multi-use soft case with a zipper closure along one side and around both ends. The soft case can be folded in half and worn as a backpack with the option to secure a rifle at its center using a length of material with Velcro along one side. Opened to its full length the soft case holds a single long gun and includes a pouch for spare magazines and a handgun. A separate pouch on the interior of the soft case’s upper side is designed for a hydration bladder. Most states require firearms travel in a case; every state prefers it. Keep your firearms protected while allowing them to travel in style with the Axe Advanced Rifle Case (ARC).

  • Materials:

Hard Case: High Impact, Antimicrobial, Polyethylene.
Soft Case: 1050 Cordura with YKK Zippers.

  • Color: Black / Dark Earth
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Dimensions (hard case): 40” x 13”  x 6”
  • Dimensions (soft case):  38” x 12.5 x 2”


*Featured image courtesy of Axelson Tactical

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