The Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander has suffered a second serious accident during its flight-test program, casting serious doubt over the company’s ability to complete development of this revolutionary machine.

The aircraft broke free from its mooring mast during wet and windy weather last Saturday morning, and drifted across its home base at Cardington airfield near Bedford. A safety system that rips open the hull and deflates the aircraft operated automatically, but the aircraft had only partially deflated before its progress was halted by a hedge on the edge of the airfield.

The fuel and helium within the Airlander was made safe, but the aircraft appears to be a write-off. . When AIN visited the scene on November 24, a crew of seven was cutting the fabric and dismantling the wreckage.

The company told shareholders that it is assessing the way forward with its insurers. “We have paused for the time being collecting any payments in respect of the current fundraising,” it continued. – AINonline

Featured image by video screen capture

This article is courtesy of Fighter Sweep.