A US Navy cruise video shows the life and times of personnel on the ship. This one from VFA-83 Rampagers gives you an inside look into the life of F-18 fleet pilots. Watching this video is like you are there in the cockpit and on the flight deck of the carrier! One of the best cruise videos ever with amazing footage you won’t want to miss!

The best 20 minutes any military aviation buff could ever have!


Watch VFA-83 Hornet drivers in action ‘like you were there’

  • Ready Room ‘lets walk’
  • Pre-flight checks
  • Strap in
  • Engine Start
  • Pull chocks – Got those chains? Taxi
  • Prepare for cat launch
  • “Look Ma! No Hands!”…on the stick on cat shot. Yea, no hands on the stick please with Hornet launches
  • Actual coms chatter
  • Low level formation flying
  • High speed pass breaking sound barrier. See it from inside the cockpit
  • Mid-air refueling
  • Some ACM
  • Missile launches
  • HUD Video
  • Gun runs (Don’t hit the Boat!)
  • Paddles
  • Navy ‘break’ to land at the ship – 500k, 6g, 90 degree angle of bank ‘turn’
  • Airspeed, Line-up, Angle of Attack…”roger ball” (did you lock those shoulder straps?)
  • We got you!
  • Night trap HUD view
  • Operation Inherent Resolve. RAM ON!!!
  • Loading bombs the Navy way. Yes, by hand. Lock and Load
  • Night cat shot. Yes, still no hand on the stick please
  • Bombs away. “shack!”
  • Dusk/Dawn Inspiration
  • Cockpit computer screenshots? Oops
  • Mogas please
  • More money shots – Coms
  • Mogas – Bring her home – Nothing like ending the day with a good night trap

The Spoils of War – Photo of Lt. Joshua Keever (2007) assigned to the “Rampagers” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 83 greets his wife after arriving home from an eight month deployment by U.S. Navy photo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Featured Image by US Navy

This article courtesy of Fighter Sweep.