The Taliban attempted tried to enter the “Camp McCool” section of Bagram Air Field. This specific camp was manned by Marines. These Marines were not infantry Marines. The two guys you see in the beginning walking up to the enemy are both on “24hour guard duty” and are both non-infantry Marines. One of them was a mechanic. The reason you see guys in PT gear at the end is because just 30 feet away from there are the huts that we slept in. – Firsthand account, by mar-soc

The video spanned right before the raid to right as it ended and was 10 min long. The first (obvious) 30mm shells hit at 4:50, which means time to target, target acquisition, and permission to fire all went down within 5 minutes. That’s pretty freaking fast. That’s almost faster than a CAS card can be filled out. Then from there they lob shells at each target one at a time, and it’s obvious they could see more than we could because they kept raining down on the field behind the guy right outside the fence. I’m surprised they even fired at that guy, he was like 20 yards from the gate. Talk about danger close. Plus he got lucky numerous times dodging shrapnel somehow, maybe he was in a shallow defilade. Anyway, it’s pretty damn impressive that it took less than 10 min to go from attack initiated to hostiles eliminated.

Nine service members were wounded and a building received minor damages during the attack, which included rockets, small arms, and grenades. Four of the slain insurgents were “intended suicide bombers,” the military said.

U.S. Army spokesman Lt. Col. Clarence Count Jr. said the insurgents failed “to breach the perimeter” and were “unable to detonate their suicide vests.”

“The quick defensive reaction by the Bagram security forces likely saved a lot of lives,” he said.

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