I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “Train how you fight!”

Here is a short clip of me and a Ranger brother on the range challenging and pushing each other to sharpen our skills.  Having a partner with you on the range who will push you beyond what you are comfortable with is always a plus, as long as it is done in a safe manner and following firearms safety.

There isn’t anything special about this shot. The principle of the drill was to take advantage of what Mother Nature provided us, rain and wind. Using a basic AR-15 and red dot sight zeroed at 100 meters, the shooter was to run from cover, acquire the target (human silhouette) 300 away, stop, and fire one round. The ammunition used was the 5.56, 62 gr. What makes the shot somewhat of a challenge, was the fact that the shooter had to use a holdover and slight wind lead off target. The rain has no effect as the projectile is in its super sonic state.

Although, in reality, I would have utilized the barricades in front as support, the purpose of the this was only to push the “comfort zone” of shooting. If you only train at what you are good at, you’ll only be that good! Always strive for being the best!

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