We’ve discussed the importance of physical fitness in several articles. Being physically fit will greatly increase your survivability and overall quality of life. If you ever find yourself in a confrontation with a bad guy, being in shape does give you an advantage whether you know it or not. We recently posted an article highlighting the priorities of your skills. In that article was mentioned that shooting skills are a very important for the person carrying concealed. More important to that are physical fitness and combatives. For the average person who carries concealed, the likelihood of actually having to draw your weapon is low. The more common scenario is probably going to be going hand to hand or some type of combatives situation. In these instances your level of fitness will play a huge roll in you coming out on top.

Most of you who follow the shooting industry know the name Pat McNamara. He owns TMACS and also developed the Combat Strength Training system. The following two videos show Pat running two different courses of fire, but adding in elements of fitness to elevate the heart rate, thus simulating elevated levels of stress during shooting.


Image courtesy of Tactical Life

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