This video footage reportedly shows the crash that killed Afghanistan General Mohayedin Ghori on November 29, 2016. The Russian made Mi-17 helicopter went down in the Muri Chaq area of Bala Murghab district in Badghis province, Afghanistan. Seven other people on board survived the crash but were injured.

The Taliban originally said they shot down the helicopter carrying General Ghori, the commander of the ANA 207th Zafar Corps in western Afghanistan.

Afghan officials have stated that there was no hostile fire in the area at the time and that the cause of the crash was a tail rotor failure.

As the helicopter approaches the landing zone suddenly it begins to spin and lose control before impacting the ground. It does appear in the video footage that the tail rotor stops moving before the crash.

General Mohayedin Ghori commanded the 207th Corps and was one of the six regional commanders of the Afghan army, responsible for the country’s western zone, defence ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said. H was on a mission to visit a newly established army base in the volatile district, where the Afghan army has recently pushed back a major Taliban offensive. – The Times of Islamabad

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