Watch and enjoy the festivities as the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier arrives home in Portsmouth Harbour.

HMS Queen Elizabeth entered Portsmouth Harbour for the first time at about 07:10 BST following extensive preparations at the naval base. The 65,000-tonne ship has been undergoing sea trials since setting sail from Rosyth dockyard in Fife, where it was built, in June.

The 900ft (280m) long carrier cannot currently deploy planes but flying trials are due to begin next year.

Addressing crew members and contractors on the flight deck, Prime Minister Theresa May said the carrier was a “true testament to British ship building and design”. “Britain truly has the best sailors, marines and officers in the world. And I believe you deserve the very best equipment and that it what we have with HMS Queen Elizabeth,” she said.

“This ship is the symbol of the United Kingdom as a great global maritime nation. Clearly she is a stunning piece of 21st Century engineering.” – BBC News


This article is courtesy of Fighter Sweep.