Take a look at the inside of an F-35 Lightning II flight simulator!


Anyone who loves aviation and especially military aviation will want to take a look at this video of the F-35 simulator.  Pretty amazing how realistic training can be in these simulator systems.

In all of the simulators, F-35 software is used to give students the most realistic experience possible while accelerating the process for software upgrades as the F-35 continues to develop and mature. The training system also uses many legacy and commercial off-the-shelf software tools to increase the affordability of the total solution.

Flexibility is fundamental to the design and is built-in to every element of the system, providing the ability to accommodate all three aircraft variants, all five US and UK services and eight international partner services.
Training doesn’t stop after schoolhouse graduation; both pilots and maintainers will have the ability to remain in a continuous learning environment with access to all training courseware, applications and deployable training devices.” – Lockheed Martin

For any military pilot simulator training is of vital importance. The simulator is not only used to learn to fly the aircraft before a pilot actually straps into one it is also used extensively to learn emergency procedures so the pilot can experience how the plane flies in critical situations.


Photo of F-35 simulator Courtesy of Lockheed Martin