I’ve always been a huge advocate for carrying a blade for both utility and defense. There is a lot more to carrying a blade for self defense then just buying a cool knife and throwing it in your pocket. You need to seek training in using a knife for self defense if that is going to be your primary purpose for carrying one, even if that is only watching a DVD and practicing in the comfort of your home. Some of the more exotic arts are harder to find schools for. Sayoc Kali, for example is an extremely effective system, but finding legit training schools can be tough. In this case buying a DVD and practicing is your best bet until you find an actual school (something is better than nothing). Practicing drawing your knife and going through the various strikes is just like dry firing your pistol when not at the range.

One of the knives you don’t often see people carrying or practicing with is the Karambit. Just the sight of this blade in someone’s hands may be enough to make your attacker think twice. There is something to be said for the psychological impact these have. In the hands of a trained person the Karambit is extremely lethal. Emerson Knives sells both fixed and folding Karambit knives along with their training system on DVD. If you’re thinking about picking up a Karambit and learning a new skill check out this video. At the end of the video you can thank me for convincing you to spend more of that hard earned cash on another knife. Enjoy!

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