Happy New Year! Lets kick the new year off with a skill that could save your life. Random inspired terrorist attacks and crazy lone shooters have become everyday concerns at home and abroad. Years ago, the FBI interviewed survivors of terrorist attacks and active shootings to determine their thought process during such deadly events. One of several questions asked was:

What was your plan if the shooter came your way?

Most popular combined answer:

I figured I was going to die or be rescued.

Lets fast forward to today. How would you answer that question?

I would hope with some flavor of RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. I would like to believe that we are far more vigilant these days and already have a plan in our minds – and IF/WHEN a shooter comes around the corner – you are going to act out your plan without hesitation – right?

In order for your plan to be more effective – you need skills (hence the reason for 100 Deadly Skills books).

Like I have said time and time again – It’s better to know and never use versus not to know and die.

Have a great 2018!



*Featured image courtesy of Clint Emerson @ 100 Deadly Skills