What is your motivation in life? The older I get the more I realize what is truly important in life. I’ve personally identified a few areas in my life that need to change in order for me to follow my passion despite what people around me say. Set a goal, take at least one step towards that goal each day and crush any obstacles in your way. As Mat Best says “go fucking get it”.

Hopefully a little motivation for you. From my perspective, success is not defined by monetary gain or vanity. Rather, living a life filled with happiness and quality. So many have sacrificed everything to build and maintain the foundation of this country that allows us to pursue happiness and freedom. We must live in their honor, so please do not forget that if your journey leads to you a dark place, it’s okay to ask for help from your brothers and sisters. Be courageous, choose life.” – Mat Best

The unfortunate brightness in life is held in the arms of mortality. Every experience in life, whether good or bad, molds who you are today. No matter what path you take, choose life.” – Mat Best

Photo courtesy of Mat Best MBest11x Facebook Page 

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