You have to admit NASA knows how to produce a show! They recently tested their RS-25 rocket motor which will power the new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and take American astronauts back into space aboard the Orion spacecraft.

During the rocket motor test an awesome rainbow was formed! All hail NASA! How do they do that?

Orion will carry astronauts into deep space and then return them home to Earth. Orion will be able to travel to an asteroid or even Mars.

NASA is developing a huge rocket called the Space Launch System, or SLS. This rocket is a heavy-lift launch vehicle. Orion will launch on top of this rocket. The heavy-lift launch vehicle will carry Orion beyond low Earth orbit, where the International Space Station orbits, and far past the moon. – NASA

Enjoy the video! So what is your best guess on when astronauts will go back to the moon? Will we actually do it again and if so what year? Comment below.

Featured image of the ‘NASA Rainbow’ by NASA

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