This is more of an ‘old school’ video covering some CQB training that SEALs attend. Watching this and seeing the weapons and gear they are using reminds me of the movie Navy SEALs from the early 90’s and the Rogue Warrior series of books. My last deployment in the Marine Corps was a 6 month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea. My unit was on the USS Saipan (now retired). On the boat with us was SEAL Team 8. I still remember seeing those guys walk around with their flight suits on and sporting their bad-ass Oakley shades. Down in the belly of ship where all the military vehicles and tanks were stowed was also where storage crates and gear lockers were kept. Several of those crates were labeled ST8 (SEAL Team 8). Inside those crates were their gear and old school MP5 sub guns. The gear and weapons you see in the following video was considered by most to be high speed shit back in the day.

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