Watch below as the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) aircraft carrier takes on very rough seas with waves said to be up to 90 feet tall. Whatever these waves actually measure out at seems to be a mute point though as it is very spectacular to see this giant ship tossed around by the ocean.

The Kitty Hawk launched in 1960 and was decommissioned in May 2009. It could carry over 80 aircraft, was almost 1069 feet long and could steam at 33 knots. The ship stood 97 feet tall from waterline to the bridge.


Image from Youtube video screenshot

The Kitty Hawk is still in demand even after being decommissioned. It is reported that a g

roup based in North Carolina and one in Pensacola, Florida both want the carrier as a museum. The ship is still in a reserve status until the Navy commissions the Gerald R. Ford supercarrier in 2017. The Kitty Hawk is said to still be in good condition and also a non nuclear carrier which makes it highly suitable and sought after to become a floating museum.

Featured image of the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) at sea in the Pacific Ocean from US Navy.