WARNING: The video shows graphic content.

We have seen the worst things from the Russians these past few months, from tanks getting blown down to the discovered mass graves of Ukrainians. The Russians have shown us many faces, and today we’re seeing a whole new perspective.

Satellite imagery captured by the Ukrainian Ground Forces zoomed in on a dilapidated structure and found two Russian soldiers being intimate with each other. And a few seconds into the video, a missile was seen approaching the soldiers. Then, it exploded.

There is no confirmation on whether or not the Russian soldiers had died, but many speculate that there is a high probability of that happening, especially since the missile dropped less than a meter from their location.

Many commented that this is somewhat inappropriate for the Ukrainian army to show the video since this might make them look homophobic. On the other hand, others say it is ironic for Russian soldiers to be “caught in the act,” especially since their nationalist propaganda is founded on orthodox, conservative Russian values.

Please note that the video below is graphic. Skip if you are not comfortable watching it.

Meanwhile, another video by Ukrainian drones features Russian soldiers in the Kadyrovtsy region. It looks like a small, open base for the troops.

The video zoomed in on two Russians who appeared to be speaking to each other, but on a closer look, there is a secluded dugout where movement is seen. Apparently, it is a sheep that looks like it was stuck or trapped in the dugout. However, after a closer look, the sheep is getting pulled in closer to the corner.

The dark side of the video is still blurry, but many have speculated that this is an act of lasciviousness from the Russian army.

Again, the video features graphic imagery. Please skip it if you’re not comfortable in watching.

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In the meantime, Russian troops continued to lose ground in the war, even after President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of some regions in Ukraine.

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