Are you looking for a new challenge on the range when you practice? Watch as master firearms instructor K. Brown shoots the SEAL Team 6 standards course created by two former SEAL Team 6 Operators. These are not only excellent drills to practice, but also practical to the everyday concealed carry permit holder. Shooting is a perishable skill and in order to maintain proficiency you must practice on a regular basis. Next time you plan to go to the range, push your comfort zone a bit and give the SEAL Team 6 shooting standards a try.

From 3 yards – 2 rounds to body
From 7 yards – 2 rounds to body / reload / 2 rounds to body
From 7 yards – 2 rounds to body / 1 round to the head
From 7 yards – 6 rounds strong hand / reload / 6 rounds weak hand
From 25 yards – 2 to the body / reload / 2 to the body

This article was originally published on the Loadout Room and written by Scott Witner

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