Yesterday was a big day for the U.S. Navy. On April 11, 1900, the U.S. Navy purchased the USS Holland (SS-1), its first submarine. The USS Holland would be used primarily as an experimental vessel. The vessel was named after John Holland, the man who created and developed the vessel.

U.S. submarines would come to prominence in World War II. During the war, they would play a significant role by hunting down German subs.

The first U.S. nuclear-powered submarine would be USS Nautilus (SSN-571). Its launch on 21 January 1954 signaled a new age. The USS Nautilus was also the first submarine to cross the North Pole under the polar ice pack.

Today the silent service plays an integral part in maintaining the U.S. strategic dominance and in projecting American power even in the farthest reaches of the globe.

In honor of the U.S.’s silent service and its servicemembers we are sharing the below video with you.

The video highlights the different types of submarines operated by the U.S. Navy. These craft range from fast-attack subs to the “Boomers,” that provide a strategic deterrent and project nuclear power worldwide.

Run silent, run deep with the submariners of the U.S. Navy.