Over 900 paratroopers traveled over 200 km from Swindin to Wedzyrn Poland to conduct an air assault raid in support of Polish-led exercise Anakonda 16.


Soldiers from the U.S. Army Europe’s 173rd Airborne Brigade take off from Swindon, Poland to perform an Air Assault in Wedryzn, Poland as part of Exercise Anakonda 2016. Anakonda 2016 is a Polish-led, multinational exercise involving over 31,000 Soldiers from over 20 nations.

Anakonda 2016 is a periodical exercise of the Polish Armed Forces with the international participation of Allies and Partners.
It is taking place the military training areas of multiple NATO partner countries, and international air and sea space of the Baltic Sea. It will involve approximately 31,000 troops (including 12,000 from Poland), 3,000 vehicles, 120 aircraft and 12 ships from 19 Allied countries.

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