We’ve long stated that Russian soldiers have grown weary of the war. SOFREP has previously featured the story of a former Russian soldier who wrote a memoir about his experiences on the Ukraine campaign, and his story also seems to ring true for other Russians. 

Pavel Filatyev (Павел Олегович Филатьев) exposed the chaos within the Russian military. No clear directives. Russian infantry is left with little to no weapons at hand. They slept on plank boards and worked around the clock. Filatyev also said that “everyone was getting angrier and angrier.”

In this series of clips, we can see Russian soldiers waving the white flag while approaching Ukrainian infantry on a Russian BMP-2 (infantry fighting vehicle). The Ukrainian Ground Forces were concealed from IFV in an undisclosed location when the troops saw the Russians waving their flag. One Ukrainian started to approach the tank as the IFV continued driving. 

When the tank stopped, the Russian soldiers were asked to dismount, with their arms up as they were encircled by the Ukrainians. Two soldiers initially came down from the vehicle. Then, the rest of the Russian crew got out.