Ukraine has been optimizing its shadow troops as the war in Ukraine continues to stagnate. According to various Ukrainian intelligence organizations, multiple smaller units have been deployed “in the crepuscular landscapes in the war,” while the main army deals in the front lines. 

“At the beginning of the war, there was a big role for small groups who could fight covertly against the Russians. Because Kyiv region, Chernihiv region, Sumy region are forested areas. So, the role of small groups was important and grew fast,” said Brabus’ (anonymous soldier pseudonym) from inside a camouflage balaclava.

In one of the videos posted on Telegram today, a Special Forces Unit broke through the rear of Russian trenches (specific location undisclosed) and eliminated 10 Russian soldiers. 

The troops started off with stealth navigation of the trenches and succeeded in their ambush as they started hitting Russian soldiers one after the other. Though the unit appeared to have used silencers, it didn’t stop the other Russians from coming through. Unfortunately for the latter, these Ukrainian Spec Ops were ready for their attacks.

After shooting three Russian soldiers, one of the Spec Ops was heard saying, “Good. Good.” 

They also offered the Russian soldiers to surrender. 

“Give up. You will live.” 

No response from the Russians.