According to Kyiv, a Ukrainian sniper has been hunting Russian soldiers one by one and comes close to setting up a world record. On Nov. 13, the Office of Strategic Communications (StratCom) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared the photos, along with a statement saying, “A Ukrainian sniper came close to breaking the world record for the longest combat sniper shot.”

A British sniper named Craig Harrison took out two Taliban fighters from a range of 2,475 meters in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2009. Likewise, a Canadian sniper took down an ISIS jihadist from a distance of 3,540 meters in Iraq in 2017, placing the first position.

According to Ukraine’s military chiefs, one of their snipers has accomplished the second-longest recorded sniper kill in history, killing Russian soldiers from over 2500 meters away.

The sniper’s identity remains a mystery, but the Ukrainian military said that the sniper shot and killed a Russian soldier at a distance of 2,710 meters, based on footage that the military said was a look down the sniper’s scope.

“The occupier was eliminated by a precise shot of our special forces from a distance of 2,710 metres – a distance that now ranks 2nd in the world ranking, confirmed by the command of the Armed Forces.”

A video capturing a man walking among trees before being lined up through the scope of a gun has taken social media by storm.

After the rifle has been fired, the man drops to the ground, and then the thermal sight rises. However, a second individual runs over to the person that was shot in an attempt to assist him, and the sniper subsequently shoots the victim once more, resulting in his death.

The official statement reads: “With the onset of dusk, snipers of special forces units of the National Guard go hunting. Very quick and accurate work by one of them last night.”