According to Kyiv, a Ukrainian sniper has been hunting Russian soldiers one by one and comes close to setting up a world record. On Nov. 13, the Office of Strategic Communications (StratCom) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared the photos, along with a statement saying, “A Ukrainian sniper came close to breaking the world record for the longest combat sniper shot.”

A British sniper named Craig Harrison took out two Taliban fighters from a range of 2,475 meters in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2009. Likewise, a Canadian sniper took down an ISIS jihadist from a distance of 3,540 meters in Iraq in 2017, placing the first position.

According to Ukraine’s military chiefs, one of their snipers has accomplished the second-longest recorded sniper kill in history, killing Russian soldiers from over 2500 meters away.

The sniper’s identity remains a mystery, but the Ukrainian military said that the sniper shot and killed a Russian soldier at a distance of 2,710 meters, based on footage that the military said was a look down the sniper’s scope.