Urban Prone is an unconventional shooting position developed to adapt to available cover and support in urban settings. The idea is to use any available cover you have no matter how small, how low to protect yourself and present the smallest available target, yourself.

This video shows the FIRING LINE MARKSMEN CHALLENGE: urban prone stages can be shot either above or below the barricade structure.

In the first stage, they shoot under a low wall with a 3” gap. For safety reasons they want your rifle barrel to extend underneath the barricade.

From the Marksman Challenge YouTube page:

I find it easiest to bring my top hip over, foot on the ground and support the front of the stock with my hand. You don’t want to rest your bolt or your scope on the ground it’s going to make it a lot more unsteady. I actually like to lay my head – lay my forehead on the ground. Still have the butt of the stock in my shoulder. Get my hand up, raise the gun, cycle, on target – So my weight is on my forearm. All my weight is on my forearm. My head is resting on the ground, my weight is on my forearm, the rifle is resting on my right hand. I’m using my left hand to adjust my aim. Fire, up, cycle, back. Head back down, on target, bang, up cycle down

Same principle applies to left handed shooters – only reversed.

You’ve got your rifle resting on your hand. We’re not using any kind of shooting bag. If you‘re in this shooting situation you’re not going to have time to be putting a bunch of rear bags down and making a little soft bed for your rifle to shoot on. We are not going to have much time.


Shoot your rifle supported in prone position.

Basically all you are going to do to get your adjustments for shooting urban prone is you are just going to put your rifle on its side and re-zero the scope just like you would if you were putting a new scope on your rifle. You want to turn it on whichever side you think you’re going to be shooting on. Pick your bulls eye on your target. Shoot at that spot, measure how far to the right and down or to the left and down – depending on which way you have your rifle facing. Then make your adjustments. Record those settings. Then you will adjust to those settings for the urban prone and when you are done make sure you put it back to your original zero.”

Featured photo courtesy of Tyrant designs