Mantle-less Man Masks Meat — never Mind Mouth

There is a micro chance here that this is a demonstration of a failure to understand the quintessential modus operandi of CV-19 transmission. Let me preface by describing how many of us Delta men wore condoms in certain tropical regions of the world where we were expecting to ford certain rivers that were inhabited by parasites — ones that entered the body through the penis. That sounds pretty squeamish and it really was.

This stately squire may just be in total mental disarray about the who, what, where, when, why, and how CV-19 and PPE actually work. I mean, he looks pretty stupid… but then I look at a lot of our own preppy college boys; some of them don’t appear to know how their sweaters function. They let that kick their ass, say the hell with it, and just tie their sweaters around their necks — close enough, they figure.

Yeah, you talk about this sister and her front-row seat.

If you could see under the legs of their trousers, you might find that their socks are also tied around their ankles. I once suggested wearing my trousers with one leg in and the other out such that it would just flop around requiring me to wear one of those surgical masks over my Howard Johnson like the bear-butted bee-bopping brother above. It was in protest of a corner-store Karen who was wearing her mask hanging off one ear. That scenario would be a splendid opportunity for me to just tie my pants around my thigh, my socks around my ankles, my sweater around my neck, and don my meat-mask — off to Wallmart for a photoshoot!

Protestor Pops Protestor, Purges Protesting Population of Purpetrating Pendejos

Friendly fire incident — blue on blue!

Well, here’s a real face palmer and Homer Simpson double DOH! — exactly what you might expect to happen when gun-queers get to packing in a crowd. Gun queers just spray and pray, hoping they hit the right target. Professional gunslingers like cops and military Special Operations types don’t get the luxury of that “technique.” The onus of what is behind our target is there all the time; if I were to throw a shot and hit a friendly beyond and behind my target I stood to lose my job immediately and permanently.

Not so for Billy the Kid here who took some shots at a Jeep Cherokee running down the highway where the Romper Room crowd was protesting and blocking legit traffic as it does so often. Billy pulls his piece and fires at the jeep sending bullets across the highway into the crowd on the other side of the highway wounding a couple of jobless, yoga pant-wearing, flute/cello-playing, bad haircut-having, barnyard animal molesting, no bath-taking, pot-smoking, monument desecrating, nosering-wearing, LGBTQ-M-O-U-S-E vermin.