Imagine you’re a pilot who’s just been shot down over enemy territory (cruel to call upon your imagination and so quickly insert such an unpleasant thought, I know). Upon reaching the ground, you extricate yourself from your parachute as the sounds of approaching enemy vehicles echo in the distance. Grabbing your pack, you sprint for cover and concealment and begin the arduous, terrifying waiting game until your rescue. If you were a pilot during the 1950s, you may just find the collapsible M6 Survival Rifle among your gear. And you may just clutch it close and breath a cautious sigh of relief.

Where you’ve seen it:

The M6 was actually offered to the public by Springfield Armory as recently as a decade ago. Though currently out of production, you can still get ahold of them today on the used market, though they fetch anywhere from $600 to $1000.