Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the West was “preparing for the invasion of our land, including Crimea,” during the noticeably smaller May 9th Russian Victory Day Parade.

“The West was preparing for the invasion of Russia, NATO was creating tensions at the borders. They did not want to listen to Russia. They had other plans,” Putin claimed.

That’s just one of Russia’s fantasies and fairytales Putin had been spewing. Russia’s Victory Parade is an event that has been anticipated yearly by the Russian public. Notably, millions more eyes had watched the Russian Victory Day Parade because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Disinformation had lined the atmosphere during the parade, with the Russians using children dressed up in “tanks” marked with various symbols, with the most prevalent one being the letter “Z.”

The Victory Day Parade, which celebrates the Soviet Union’s part in obtaining victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, was full of nationalist sentiment as one would expect from these kinds of celebrations. Using his prowess in speeches, Putin relied on the nostalgia of the Soviet Union and memories of their heroism that helped defeat the Nazis.

Directly addressing the crowd and his men on the 77th anniversary of the Soviet victory, Putin made several claims about Russia and the war in Ukraine that will simply make one’s head spin. First, Putin claimed that there were certain “external threats” that aimed to weaken Russia as a nation. He was clearly referring to NATO, echoing previous statements made to justify the invasion of Ukraine.