Team Room, in the past couple of years we’ve learned just how at risk we are on the personal security front. Government surveillance, rogue hackers, malware, suspicious lovers, employers… Is nothing we do online sacred?

But knowing you’re walking through a minefield and actually doing something about it are two different things. While some folks wrap themselves head-to-toe in lead, others go about their days buying porn and doing online banking at Starbucks – in the clear!

We’re curious as to what you do. Do you have any personal security policies that you adhere to? Are you really serious about hardware security? Do you buy whatever the magazines throw at you? Do you use a paid VPN to hide your activities from your ISP? Are you positive that you’re too important (or unimportant) for someone to mess with you? (Eeek…. either way… eeek.)

Please sound off below and let us know what you do to protect yourself online. And if you don’t want to tell anybody directly, let us know what you heard is good from your ‘Cousin Lennie’.

Coming tomorrow: Corporate Security Policies We Hate Most

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