The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas currently has the Middle East on edge. In the aftermath of the October 7th attacks, Israel immediately conducted military action in the Gaza Strip to root out the terrorist organization.

The Israeli invasion is met with growing international pressure as civilian deaths mount in the operation. Hamas is also attempting to use the remaining hostages as leverage for as long as possible to escape comeuppance on October 7th.

As pressure grows for the war to end as quickly as possible, what lies ahead for both Israel and the Palestinian Territories remains uncertain, along with the regional aftermath that will also ensue.

The Israel-Hamas War

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has uprooted at least 1.5 million Palestinians, with fronts in Southern Gaza after the clearing of Gaza City. The IDF is currently taking casualties in the ground operation, albeit most of the heavy urban and tunnel fighting is still ongoing.

Hamas is currently losing key senior commanders, and without an actual supplementary intervention by Iran or Hezbollah, the terrorist organization will take years to restructure its chain of command. Nevertheless, the humanitarian situation for the two million residents has reached a catastrophe, with numerous countries and NGOs expressing deep concern over the hostilities and potential cases of war crimes that will emerge from the war.

Gazan refugees head South, followed closely by a Merkava tank via Reuters

Gaza Reconstruction and Security Administration

The Gaza Strip is effectively destroyed, and it will take years, or even a decade, to rebuild the coast. Gaza City now resembles cities such as Aleppo, Grozny, Raqqa, and Mosul, cities that are still currently under reconstruction after devastating battles.

Israel has hinted it could take charge of security in Gaza, but this would lead to various implications and consequences.