Everyone has experienced being a newbie and not knowing what resources are available or where to get their questions answered.

At Fort Sill, Army Community Service, or ACS can put you on the fast track to knowing what’s available and helping with any issue you might have.

ACS has real-life solutions for successful Army living that enhance the well-being and quality of life of military families. ACS offers everything from financial coaching and spouse employment to infant and toddler playgroups.

Monica Ulibarri, who has been the director of ACS for nearly a year and a half, has more than 12 years of experience working with family programs and was a military spouse looking for answers.

“I have been that spouse at a new duty station having lots of questions. A young Soldier, who was our sponsor said ‘Hey, you need to go to ACS.’ He did the right thing. I got in there and signed up for everything! Newcomer Orientation and cultural integration programs. I went to every class they taught and tried to fully engage in my new community,” said Ulibarri. “I remember at that time thinking ‘this is what I want to do, help other spouses. I want to work in ACS and give back.’”

Ulibarri said her team of professionals all have the basic wish to make the lives of Soldiers and their families better. “No matter what that Soldier or spouse needs, the staff will listen first, and they will find a way to help.”

There are many quality-of-life programs available for Soldiers and their spouses. The most recognized is Army Emergency Relief, which was established to assist Soldiers and their family members in emergency situations through no fault of their own. Financial assistance is given through an interest-free loan, grant or a combination of the two.

“AER is part of the Financial Readiness Program, which also does budgets and has financial counselors on hand for individuals to meet with – whether they are looking at how to better their credit or if they have some creditors they’re trying to work with, our counselors are here to help.” she said.