In our final installment of Veterans Day messages, we thought it poignant to share notes about freedom. Freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression, and the freedom to live our lives safely and without peril. Freedom isn’t free.

To all those who have served, we thank you for our freedom.

Dave B.:

I am the son to and sibling of veterans. It means a lot to me how these people from all walks of life have given their lives for our freedom. I wish I could have served but I could not for medical reasons. But I am proud of those who have and gave me the freedom to do what I do everyday. There aren’t enough words to thank everyone who has served this great nation.

God bless you all for what you have given me.

Peter M.:

Our veterans have been the backbone of enterprise, of our economy and society. Hard working and family-oriented, they are solid citizens. Our veterans are more aware, than most Americans, of the cost of freedom.

C. Mouille:

Veterans Day to me is the single most important day of the year when we as free Americans honor both our living and deceased Brothers and Sisters.

We are free because so many Patriots and their families have sacrificed, whether it be life, limb, or a change in mental status. It is those great people that saved our Country from tyranny.

I have taught my sons to thank a veteran as well as first responders for their service. In my family we stand with our military and honor them every single day we see them. If it were not for them I wouldn’t be able to write this. God Bless our veterans, their families and America!! 

Shaun A.:

Veterans Day means

Sacrifice and

Selfless reasoning.

It means spilled blood

It means death.

It means freedom.

It means help for us and them.

Don’t celebrate Veterans Day, treat it

like a celebration of life ceremony.

With sober respect

and dignity for the dead.

Eric P.:

Life, liberty and equality!

Jimmy A.:

Some gave all, all gave some, just for freedom.

Semper Fi

Troy G.:

Veterans day is a tribute to all heroes — Male, female, active duty, Reserve, National Guard — who served to protect this country from all who enemies foreign and domestic.

Thank you to All.

Some made the ultimate sacrifice; let’s not let be in vain.

Mark U.:

“Freedom isn’t free.” Good people know this, but they also know that there is a delicate balance between the peace that we so desperately desire and the force used to maintain that peace. To swear in oath to defend the Constitution requires a person to possess a quality not possessed by all. It requires “selfless courage,” a quality recognized by citizens when they proclaim “I don’t know how you do it, because I couldn’t. Thank you for your service.”

Veterans Day is the official day of recognition and reflection of the selfless courage that is required for what we all desire the most: the freedom of peace.

Lyzi GC.:

A veteran is the epitome of sacrifice, courage, unconditional love and patriotism. It is a selfless figure that is often overlooked, judged and demonized by some who do not understand the enormous will and cost to become a warrior. Many of them are destined to walk in the shadows fighting their constant demons created by the job they willingly performed in their past lives.

They left their comfort zones and their families; they offered their time, youth, strength and hopes to make the world a better place.

They offer their mind, body and souls for a ritual that may not allow them to see the sunlight and moonlight again. But they do it knowing they will be joining others like them that through centuries have been bringing freedom and victories to their nations.

All that said, Veterans Day to me represents an opportunity to recognize, acknowledge, validate and express gratitude for the physical, mental and emotional sacrifices that were done by these tireless warriors fighting for their country, but not in seeking fame or financial growth, but for the genuine love of their nations, their loved ones and unknown innocents souls.

This is the Day when we remember each of them and thank the Warriors that are still alive and offer them our help, and remember the ones who left us and are waiting in Valhalla to meet their alike souls. Their mission is over. They protected us, now it is time for us to do the same for them.

K. Chavis:

My grand uncle and my uncle were both in the military, Army and Marines respectively. As African American men born in the 1920s and 1930s, I can only imagine the challenges they faced during their lifetimes. They enlisted freely, served with honor and respect for our country so that ALL Americans could live a life of freedom.

I am humbled by the sacrifices our military men and women make every day across the globe. It is a call that few are able to answer. I am proud that my uncles, despite the challenging times that they lived, were able to contribute to the legacy of the American Military and were able to afford me the opportunity to live the freedoms of America. Thank you all that have served, all that have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families! God Bless Us All!


Veterans Day is the simple appreciation of those who came before us, the best of their generation. Like us we stood up for our country because we understood the meaning and the unspoken reason why we went. For me, I grew up in a Navy household with an H-10 Gunny and a Corpsman and with several generations before that had all served. One day is not enough to say thanks to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. But let us understand and remember everything they have done for us and continue to do our best to fill their shoes and continue to honor their sacrifices.

Jack B.:

Veterans Day is a time to remember, appreciate and thank the men and women that have defended and continue to defend our great country at all costs. We as Americans benefit everyday from their sacrifice and bravery so we can enjoy the freedoms we have.

Chris F.:

I am the son of a veteran and have met veterans in my life that are deeply missed. To them and the current veterans, I share my gratitude for freedom.

Rod F.:

Veterans Day is for the remembrance of those who have served this country with pride, respect and admiration for our way of life. Freedom is because of the men and women who have given so much for so little. It is this day I hold so very close, for those sacrifices were made by many in my family line. All the way back to 1776.

God bless the U.S.A.