Influenced by YouTube’s TheFireArmGuy we decided to start giving Kahr pistols a try.  They’re an American-made option that seems to have all the right features for an affordable carry gun.  Slim, low profile, economical, and simplified, the Kahr pistols fall into that single-stack build that makes for something comfortable, light, and efficient.  In my experience there are two types polarized opinions of Kahr handguns: those who are approaching “fanboy” status and those who have never fired a Kahr.  Having tried the CW45, CW9, and now P9 we’re starting to understand the following.

What I didn’t quite understand was the myriad of models and trim levels.  Perhaps its my repeat trips to Front Sight, but I truly believe, “any gun will do if you will”.  So why bother with what is

Kahr CW 9 with Carbon Fiber finish

essentially the same gun but costs slightly more?  I believe the answer may also come from shooting schools and lots of range time.  The physical differences between the Value and Premium lines are in the rifling, sights, and some smaller parts being mim or cnc’d, and some extra touches on the machining of the slide.  The biggest difference however I think depends on the owner.  Are you looking for an affordable, American-made option for carry or stashing or are you looking for an affordable, American-made primary gun?

The overall difference between the value and premium lines is the package.  While both models are

Kahr P9

certainly reliable and and durable, the Premium line is built more for high-volume shooting and includes the extra magazines to support it.  The premium line also comes in a lockable hard case for those who like to keep their kit together while the value line saves you the storage space with a

disposable cardboard box.  Street prices between the two lines can differ by as little as $80 which is certainly worth the extra magazines.  See the video link below for a tabletop side-by-side comparison and decide for yourself.

For more information and charts breaking down all of the options available from Kahr Arms check out their website here.