Military memes have become popular in the community using social media platforms as art galleries to display them.  Lot of things get memed, so it only makes sense that military-themed memes were going to be a major part of the art form at some point. All of these memes however owe their existence to the granddaddy of all military memes and probably the most well-known one as well,  Kilroy.

For our older audiences out there, a meme is a joke that spreads across the internet, whether in image, video, or text form. These memes often express the pain, frustration, and contradictions of military life, and do so mostly through humor.

Kilroy Was Here graffiti, the very first military meme
Kilroy Was Here graffiti, the very first military meme (Wikimedia Commons).

It’s quite hard to nail what a meme is because, at its core, it’s really an idea or an expression. For example, a meme can be used to mock someone in a comedic fashion, or it can even result from some fad. More often than not, these memes make use of popular culture – editing videos and photographs from viral internet videos, films, celebrity photos, and even music.

But where did this whole concept of a meme come from? Would you believe me if I said the military actually made the very first meme?