SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report)

How did we get our name? It was inspired by the military’s use of acronyms in formal communication traffic.

We formed in January 2012, due to a general lack of authentic military content in the world and after we recognized an increased online interest in the post-9/11 realm of Military and Special Operations. SOFREP is part news and part entertainment (editorial, podcasts, and video). But most importantly, we are a strong online community.

Our Mission, Vision, and Perspective. 

What makes us different from everyone else?

Our veteran news team has an average of ten years of military service and most have been deployed to an active combat zone.

We recognized a wide-spread lack of expertise in the modern news media landscape, especially in the case of Defense and Foreign Policy news. The 24-hour news cycle mostly killed off responsible and balanced journalism. We’ve all seen the same talking heads – a new category of “news celebrity” with no subject matter expertise – spinning things out of proportion all in the name of ratings.

Since we started, we have been the first to break many news stories of global and national significance, sometimes taking the hard and unpopular road in the process. Since 2012, we have covered and analyzed SOF like no one else – and for a good reason: our editorial team is comprised of American and Coalition military and Special Operations veterans.

Our mission, as a whole, is to deliver authentic military-grade content in the digital age.

Our vision is to change the news and entertainment landscape. We’ve got the #1 ranked podcast in the Government category, award-winning documentaries, and in 2020 we launched our own digital book publishing division.

From controversial developments in the SOF community to operations gone wrong to unknown details of SOF history, we shed light and provide insight with two simple but honest objectives: inform the public and effect change for the better.

What is our political perspective?

We are centrists. We believe that genuine solutions require realism and pragmatism, not a fixed or emotional viewpoint.

John F. Kennedy said it best: “Idealism without illusions.”

This form of reporting is more valuable, and we need more of it today than ever before. Intelligent conversation, opposing views, and a back and forth debate is the environment we aim to create. It’s why you’ll see our writing team continuing to engage and push the conversation in the comments section.

Welcome to SOFREP.