SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report)

How did we get our name? It was inspired by the military’s use of acronyms in formal communication traffic.

We formed in January 2012, due to a general lack of authentic military content in the world and after we recognized an increased online interest in the post-9/11 realm of Military and Special Operations. SOFREP is part news and part entertainment (editorial, podcasts, and video). But most importantly, we are a strong online community.

Our Mission, Vision, and Perspective. 

What makes us different from everyone else?

Our veteran news team has an average of ten years of military service and most have been deployed to an active combat zone.

We recognized a wide-spread lack of expertise in the modern news media landscape, especially in the case of Defense and Foreign Policy news. The 24-hour news cycle mostly killed off responsible and balanced journalism. We’ve all seen the same talking heads – a new category of “news celebrity” with no subject matter expertise – spinning things out of proportion all in the name of ratings.