Most veterans focus their attention on what was wrong? Nothing is funded, everything sucks, it’s not what it used to be, the war’s over. What is wrong with the military? A lot. But it’s also changing, and we require a new generation to join. Military service is so good nearly everyone considers going back in when they’re out; not to mention how many veterans I know wish they were or could contribute more directly to national security. It’s a calling.

It’s not for everyone. But if you find yourself in a unique position, like being an SF Medical Sergeant, it’ll be tough to find a job that compares in retrospect. Many veterans muse on the hardships of war. But it’s also exhilarating. Those are primarily paid by the civilians in the nations that host these wars. They’re paying the largest price, and many do not comprehend what’s happening. Most are innocent and tossed around by their ruling class. But for us being at war can be some of the most memorable moments you’ll experience.

The bonds you form while in the service, even the instant one with those who have served once you’re a civilian, are eternal. Friends, wives, pets, and homes will come and go, but that deeper human connection will last until you die. If you’re thinking about joining – just do it. If you’re out, and you want back in – go for it. The reserves is always an option and in the long run you’ll still get experiences at war. But make sure you choose you a job you aren’t sure you can do. Pick something challenging, scary, and hard. It doesn’t have to be the infantry, but something that you think sounds cool, to put it simply.

Understand that you’ll forget about money as a driving force in your life. You’ll be afforded opportunities to travel the world in a style only some can afford. In a literal way, you’ll be taken care of financially and via healthcare. No one is going to starve in service. There are things I regret, but not a single decision in regards to my service is among them. The brand is important too. So many people tire themselves studying for the GMAT or LSAT to get into a top five program. But a military brand and background can overcome the obstacle of attending a school, with the same curriculum, but a prestigious brand. This is the best time to cash in on American sentiment and faux or not patriotism. Either way, everyone is encouraged to give you a shot.

In all the benefits, the life, and the experience make it an amazing experience. Yes, many know some who have died at war. But, in the end, service is a privilege, and we’re lucky to have the ability to serve in the first place. We represent global leadership and people who are concerned with the state of the world. Being given access to that is not something that should part with easily. The same applies for nearly all federal service, but wartime efforts will have an eternal impact on the world. Don’t miss your chance, you’ll be left wondering forever.

Featured image courtesy of DoD