Recent reports have declared that the UK military is quickly becoming a “hollow force” due to budget cuts, inefficiencies in procurement processes, and long delays. This has led to the US general declaring that the British Army is no longer Tier One. This means that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak must decide how he wants to move forward with the UK’s role on the international stage. 

So, let’s take a look at the UK defense spending, analyze why this specter of a hollow force is now a reality for the British military, and discuss what needs to be done to re-evaluate priorities and focus on improving readiness and capability.

A Review of UK Defence Spending

Despite having one of the most significant defense budgets in the world, the UK is now facing a concerning reality – that of a potential ‘hollow force‘ with weakened capability and an inability to present legitimate value for money. 

This specter has been looming over the UK military for some time, yet it has become more apparent as spending increases fail to adequately translate into output and effectiveness. Unfortunately, this means that despite the financial resources invested in support of the defense budget, the end product is not living up to expectations, contributing to sustained concerns about readiness and ability in case of skirmishes, intrusions, or outright war.