If the record-breaking results and being dubbed as one of the highest-grossing games of all time are any proof, it’s safe to say that Call of Duty captured the hearts of many online game lovers. But from all the other war games ever released, what sets Call of Duty or COD apart from the rest?

Staying ahead of the game

“Call of Duty allowed players to advance through World War II in a series of campaigns or to battle it out against human opponents in its multiplayer mode. The ability to pull up and aim firearms, to relive the last few seconds of a fallen comrade’s life, and to realistically be stunned by nearby explosions were notable features that helped distance the game from its competitors,” according to Britannica.

Great characters, great storyline

In-game still from Call of Duty®: Mobile Battle Royale. ©Activision

For those who are non-players or those who just started playing COD, some of the characters may get you hooked, adding to the rich storyline the game offers its players. Let’s get to know some of the notable characters in Call of Duty.

First on the list is Vladimir Makarov.

Vladimir Makarov, a character from the Call of Duty franchise. ©Activision/wallpapercrave.com

“Arguably the most memorable villain in the Call of Duty franchise, Makarov manages to be universally despised by fans of the series, which was the main purpose of his role. Unlike some of the other villains in the franchise, Makarov truly has no redeeming qualities, being all about anarchy and causing as much chaos as possible without any remorse for his actions,” writes Matthew Wilkinson of The Gamer.

Alex Mason comes second on our list. “Alex Mason is flawed by his inability to trust his own sense. This makes for a fascinatingly damaged character, who deeply changes over the two games, yet somehow manages to retain both his passion and impulsiveness, despite the chaos around him,” says Evan Williams of the Early Game.

Alex Mason. From Call of Duty website/©Activision

Are you now convinced why this game made so much impact? Could you recall a character in an online game as specific (not to mention dramatic) as Alex?

Captain John Price would also be a popular one. Never showing fear, Captain Price was a true leader amongst men and is probably the most iconic character in the Call of Duty series. He’s harsh but honest and has an extensive range of quotes that most COD players can easily recall with ease.

Captain John Price. From Call of Duty Website. ©Activision

His classic cigar and witty comments are just some of the reasons why people loved him so much. Price even became the poster boy for the franchise for a short while, mainly because most players associated anything Call of Duty with his memorable mustache-framed face, citing Williams’ Early Game article.

Give it a go!

There are other characters in the game that made up a great storyline, and if I ever continue, you’ll never hear the end of it. You might as well check COD’s website to learn more about it.

Surely, the sophisticated game came to be from extensive research, consulting people in the military field, and countless hours of simulations.

We could all agree, it all paid off. Many spend their weekends and nights playing COD, which surely saved us from a lot of boredom. Who knows, it might’ve saved lives too? Think about when players stayed indoors rather than being out and running the risk of getting hit by a car or getting murdered? Just saying. Call of Duty has become a kind of cultural touchstone as well, the game is associated with memes and even invoked as a pejorative to ding those who think playing at war is anything like actually going to war. Never mind the irony in the fact that so many actual warfighters are big fans of the game themselves.