Benjamin Franklin once made a comic with a snake separated into segments with a simple caption, “Join or Die.” I learned about this in Social Studies and it always stuck with me. When I had to option to choose a set of grips for my Wicked Grips review I spotted the Join or Die grips and I was sold.

Wicked Grips and a Journey with an Old Friend
Benjamin Franklin’s political cartoon made history.

Before I start the review, I want to thank Wicked Grips for reintroducing me to an old friend. My 1911 has long been replaced for duty by a number of different 9mm handguns. This 1911 is nothing fancy, it’s quite plain. My 1911 was a gift from my ad when I was 16. At that time it was the best handgun that ever existed to me. It was used in many a bowling pin competition. At 16 I placed 3rd in an adult league my first season. Wicked Grips made me dust off this bad boy and it was like shaking the hand of an old friend. So thanks, Wicked Grips.


I spoke in my first look than 20 dollar Hogue grips usually work fine, but having an option for a high quality, good looking set of grips is welcome. The joy of a free, and capitalist society. Since I wrote my initial first look of the Wicked Grips I’ve been concealed carrying the grips and gun for two weeks.

I learned a few valuable things.