Going back to my first deployment in 2005 I can account for difficulties with transporting magazines.  The issued gear, and even some of the aftermarket options were all either too tight or too loose.  That was of course despite the fact that all of our magazines were the same size.  After a while it became a trend to create a pull by looping some gutted 550 chord around the base plate, and wrapping it in tape to quiet the mag a little, and keep the plate from popping off.  The mag pulls inspired some guys to make base plates with built in pulls and now a monster company thrives.

Author, his team, and their solution to carrying what other gear of the time couldn’t.

That may have solved the challenge for GI mags, but what about the rest of the wide world of shooting?  The aftermarket world is flooded with “solutions”.  Some of them prove to simply be solutions for having too much spending money, but I think I’ve found one that actually offers shooters a solution.

Wilder Tactical was started by a former Ranger Medic who understood what it meant to have needs that standard gear didn’t satisfy.  I can relate to this as our standard load of 70-110lbs did not fit in an issued pack in any sort of organized way.  We were lucky in that our needs were answered by another veteran company, Tactical Tailor.  Wilder Tactical has solved the challenge of finding the right mag pouch, or having to change your kit each time you change weapons.

The Evolution Series of pouches from Wilder Tactical can not only flex to hold mags of different dimensions, but are also stack-able if you so desire.  For me this is a no-brainer great choice as every weekend I find myself shooting at least two new handguns for the first time.  As much as I love the extra pockets on some of my “range wear”, it doesn’t beat a pouch for repeatable training and application.  Check out the video below to see it in action.  You’re welcome to skip the first 50 seconds or so and get right to the mag pouches at work.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.