The cornerstone of the modern man’s everyday carry is his belt. A quality belt not only keeps your pants up, but also provides a stable platform for your everyday carry tools to include a concealed carry firearm. Those who conceal carry a firearm require a quality belt in order to keep the firearm supported close to the body to aid in concealment and retention during normal activities. Confidence in your gear allows you to act more natural and not worry about if others notice you’re carrying or not.

I commonly get asked why I spend the money on specialized belts and not just save my money and go with a cheap flimsy leather or nylon belt from your local department store. In all honesty these belts may be fine for the first month or two, at which point they will become stretched out and worn through at the anchor points where your firearm and other tools are carried. I prefer to spend the money once up front and not have to worry about that, especially if I travel a lot. That last thing I want to happen when traveling is my gear to fail.

Speaking of traveling, I like the ideal of being able to keep my belt on when going through airport security (just a personal preference). Having to take your belt on and off is just an extra step and inconvenience when you travel a lot. I recently have been wearing a frequent flyer belt made by The Wilderness. The belt is sturdy, well built, and will probably outlast you or myself. I’ve been wearing mine every day since I got it, whether I’m wearing jeans or business casual.