As the Russo-Ukrainian war approaches its 6th week of fighting, Slovakia has reportedly said it was considering donating their Soviet-made MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, provided that replacements could be made available to them. This is according to Slovakian Prime Minister Eduard Heger.

Slovakia is one of the NATO countries that heeded Zelensky’s request for heavy weaponry in preparation for a wide-scale military offensive by Russia targeting the Donbas. It can be remembered that there were claims that the Russian-speaking populations of the Donbas region were being abused and ignored by the Ukrainian government.

Just a few days ago, Slovakia announced that it had sent its S-300 air defense system to Ukraine as an aid to repel Russian cruise and ballistic missiles that have been destroying their cities since the war began on February 24th.

One of its conditions for donating the system was that there should be an immediate replacement for the system as it would leave them vulnerable to an attack without the S-300. The United States, who helped broker this deal, sent its own Patriot missile system to Slovakia, which had been discussed by SecDef Austin and Slovakian Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad during the latter’s visit to their country last March 17. The missile system was seen to be delivered to Ukraine via train as per open-source data collectors. A similar arrangement regarding the MiG-29s would be pursued, according to reports.

In an apparent attempt to further help the Ukrainians, Slovakia expressed its willingness to provide MiG-29 fighter jets to aid Ukraine in “closing the sky effectively.” It was previously reported that NATO was not willing to impose a no-fly zone in Ukrainian air space due to fears of getting dragged directly into the war.