Perhaps the family name “Hitler” became the most well-known, deeply-hated last name during World War II, so imagine if you’re the guy living in the United States when he starts a world war and you have the same last name. Then imagine that you are also Adolf Hiter’s nephew.

Who Was This Hitler

We’re talking about William Patrick Hitler, born on 12 March 1911 in Toxteth in Liverpool.

And how was he connected to his Uncle Adolf?

William was the son of Adolf’s half-brother named Alois Hitler Jr., who met his Irish wife named Bridget Dowling in Dublin. When he was 3, Alois went back to Germany and left William under his mother’s care. By the time William was 18, his father had requested that he be sent to Germany, to which his mother agreed. He found out that his father had another son named Heinz, who would later join their uncle’s party and become a full-fledged Nazi.