In 2016 we have to look around and ask ourselves, “Are women shooters the new dominant gun demographic?”. It seemed like for decades guns, and the shooting sports as whole were an sort of “men’s only” domain. There were always a few women shooters sprinkled in at local ranges and of course at the national shooting events circuits but lately the trend is growing at an enormous rate.

Most data points to women’s ownership of firearms of all types has doubled in the last 10 years, that is numbers that will defiantly catch the eye of not just manufacturers, but of politicians as well. Politicians use to just have to focus on the stereotypical male gun owner and pander to their vote, that has also changed. Any major gun manufacturer that wants to have market share growth has also had to look to the female shooters and finally ask them what they like or dislike about the features of weapons. In short terms, women have money to spend, and the dollar is king. You appeal to a demographic successfully you then reap the benefits of primary sales (guns) and secondary sales (magazines, gear, clothing). This is basic Economics and Marketing 101.

A person can debate all they want if it is an issue of paranoia or if women really are taking an active role in their own self defense, but more women are arming themselves than ever before. If you don’t believe me then you are kidding yourself, go ask anyone in the industry about female shooters and their weight on the bottom line. If you still don’t believe me call around and see how many “Women’s Only” CCW training courses are being conducted in your area. The largely untapped market in the gun world is women shooters. This isn’t a regional issue its a growing national trend.

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