Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus talk about learning how to shoot quickly.

The only thing that will make you fire the gun faster is, well, pulling the trigger faster. Forget all this slow and smooth and smooth is fast nonsense. If the goal is to increase your shooting speed you need to train yourself to shoot fast. Practicing slow is not going to get it done. The best shooters can jerk the trigger without moving the gun out of alignment. That should be your goal. Do not be afraid of the word “jerk” and do not confuse it with “flinch”.

Test yourself – when pulling the trigger, do you move the gun? If so why? Is it to control the recoil? Or have you developed a bad habit? Either way, time to stop doing that!

It’s all about necessary accuracy.

Define how much precision you need for a specific kind of shot and learn how to shoot that shot. The cost of speed is precision and vice versa. The trick is to be precise enough to be accurate, while being as fast as possible. This requires you to push yourself in training and practice to see how fast you can be and not worry about achieving any arbitrary set of standards.

In a real speed shooting environment, whether it’s competition or self-defense, you have got to be able to pull the trigger fast. Sometimes violently fast to be quick, to be first. If the gun stays aligned well enough to give you an acceptable hit on target, you are doing it right!

Train yourself so this action becomes a sub-conscious motion, one you never have to think about again.