“Clearly, all you need is a fresh pair of Ranger Panties and a patriotic spirit, and you’re ready to take on the world.”

— Adam Clark Estes

A “Brief” History

Whether you love or hate silkies or ranger panties, these (uncomfortably) short shorts are definitely here to stay. They were first issued in the 1970s to the US Army Rangers as part of their Physical Training uniform. Later on, the US Marines adopted the use of these shorts and called them “silkies” because, you know, they had to have their nickname for it.

What People Say About It

Photo credit: ©studsinsilkies

These shorts are not only for soldiers, as civilians also fell in love with the ranger panties. Based on the Amazon reviews that these shorts have garnered, it is safe to say that people love them. Who wouldn’t? Soft, excruciatingly short, super comfortable. One review even said that it was a life-changer. Here are some of the other reviews: