There has been a renewed interest in both pro gun and anti gun forces to replace lead ammo with a nontoxic alternative. There has been an expansion of hunting lands that prohibit the use of lead ammunition, and there has even been concern about lead exposure for those who frequent indoor ranges. Currently, indoor ranges have to deal with EPA permits, million dollar filtration systems and the fear or lead exposure. So as an industry there has been a renewed demand for lead free ammunition. The most affordable lead free ammunition I’ve found comes from Clark’s Armory, an online retailer specializing in lead free ammunition. They sell Alchemist armory’s Z Clean 9mm ammunition.

The Z Clean Zinc Difference

Z Clean ammunition is made entirely from zinc and features projectiles made entirely from zinc. Z Clean also uses lead free primers and manufacturers Zinc ammo for a multitude of calibers. The current going rate for a box of 50 Z Clean is $13.75 at Clark’s Armory. That places it only a few dollars above standard 9mm. Z Clean 9mm ammo is 100-grain projectiles at 1150 feet per second.

Z Clean