If Russia claims that it wants to conclude this struggle, it should back up its words with actions. Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, mentioned this during his speech at the G20 summit, according to Ukrinform.

Here is the entire address in the president’s own words. Check out the full text of his speech below:

Dear President Widodo!

Dear colleagues! The world’s majority, which stands with us!

I address you in Ukrainian, but in front of each of you on the table you will find our proposals. In your language. In demonstration of respect for you.

I have just returned to our capital. Returned from the city of Kherson.

Kherson is one of the key cities in the south of our country and the only regional centre that Russia managed to occupy after February 24.
And now Kherson is already liberated.

What does it mean? For Ukraine, this liberation operation of our Defence Forces is reminiscent of many battles of the past, which became turning points in the wars of the past.