Are 20 round AR-15 magazines better than 30 rounders ? It’s a topic that always brings up spirited debate so we figured we would wade into the debate. It use to be many many moons ago back in the days of leaded gasoline and cars that had carburetors the standard issue magazine for the M16 was a 20 rounder. I know to many people that seems like ancient history, but to those of us who actually got issued old M16A1’s with their triangular hand guards and a pile of these 20 rounders it seems like just yesterday.

There are many urban myths and legends about weakening springs, and evil green followers on AR-15 magazines that many people will bring up when I ask about the 20 round AR-15 magazines. This isn’t a debate I will dive into, if you want to read a great article about the fallacies of AR-15 mags and the myriad of followers read this piece on the topic which covers some common myths at Breach Bang Clear by “Mad Dog” Merrill, entitled “Pigeon Religion”

I’m a simple guy and I like practical things, I also like things that work best for my situations. I am not in the combat arms, or on patrol with any form of law enforcement agency so my desires and needs for magazines and firearms are very different than others. In my world, for my needs the good old fashioned aluminum government issued 20 round magazines are better for my situation than the now standard issued 30 round magazines. There are a list of reasons for that and I’ll go into them, these are all based on personal bias, not on science or anything taught from The War College or Sun Tzu’s Art of War.